Friday, August 23, 2013

Interview questions on XSLT - BizTalk

This post intends to cover the  XSLT related questions, which a BizTalk developer can face during an interview.


1.What is XSLT?

2.Where does XSLT comes into picture in BizTalk?

3.What is Muenchian method?

4.Which version of XSLT is supported by BizTalk mapper?

5.Can I use Custom XSTL inside a BizTalk mapper?

6.Is it possible to exclude xml declaration <?xml...?> in the ouptut file?

7.Can filter be applied to the output from the xml file?

8.How to traverse through the repeating node in input file?

9.  Is it possible to have custom functions?

10. Is it possible to use method from a assembly available in GAC?

For answers please have look at following article:
BizTalk Developer Interview Questions and Answers - XSLT

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