Friday, July 4, 2014

Interview questions on HL7

This post intends to cover the BizTalk HL7 related questions, which a BizTalk developer can face during an interview.


1.What happens when HL7 accelerator is installed?

2. What does BTAHL72VXCommon project contains?

3. What does BTAHL7231common project contains?

4. Is it mandatory to configure party for HL7?

5.Is it required to specify schema per pepiline?

6.What consideration is to be taken while dealing with MSH entries?

7.When does DASM generates acknowledgemets?

8.Why is it required to have party configured?

9.HL7 accelerator runs in which mode?

10.Can we override values in the MSH segment of the outgoing message?

11.Can we alter the namespace in the MSH schema?

12. What is difference between BTAHL72XReceive and BTAHL7XMLReceive?

13. What are the acknowledgement types in HL7?

For answers please have look at following article:
BizTalk Developer Interview Questions and Answers - HL7

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